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All these links are connected somehow via a very special geometric figure:

* The  horn torus , a strange and widely unknown entity, just mathematically defined and without any noticeable manifestation in our as reality perceived world, plays an important, perhaps the most prominent role in my past thirty years. Discovered in 1988 during a three months sailing voyage in the Mediterranean Sea, the figure monopolized my thoughts and my activities, after I had recognised, that dynamically interlaced horn tori are eminently suitable to symbolise physical terms, concepts and phenomena as analogous figurative visualisations. I decided to pause my profession as a medical doctor (in my even younger days I used to be a theoretical physicist, but unfortunately I had not experienced major scientific bliss, against my expectations). I continued sailing, now with a bigger boat, that was suitable to cross an ocean. Sailing the Caribbean was easy-going and gave pleasure, muse and time for contemplation. I wrote down my thoughts about the  Dorntorus  (in German language), adapted the analogous horn torus model and developed a computer programme to generate horn torus related images. Some of these almost appeared as digital art, what induced me to enhance my programme to a comprehensive graphic synthesizer, still and exclusively using horn torus coordinates and always the same algorithm. Many of the images can be found on this website. Later, for a couple of years I organized a digital art exhibition, where the images were shown as large size prints, together with works of other digital artists. Then, not to be occupied perpetually by the horn torus ideas, and to blow away obsessions, I renewed my pilot's licence (formerly I held a commercial licence), bought a small plane again and undertook countless flights, often together with newly gained friends, meanwhile as a crucial part of the exciting game, called life. - And that's another connecting intention of all these sites: to play a game ...

don't mix it up with science! **

** however, our game has a meaning (copied from  other page  ): the horn torus is an excellent graphical representation of complex numbers, a  compactification  with considerable more properties than the  Riemann sphere  has, it connects zero and infinity in an amazing way, can be dynamised by two independent turns, rotation around the axis and revolution around the torus bulge, what creates an incredible complexity and forms a coherent comprehensive entity, also explaining the potential for self-interaction and fractal order of complex numbers, and finally - most important - horn tori can be interlaced into one another and so very well symbolise correlation between entities, easily interpretable as physical objects: 'space', 'time', 'particles', 'forces' ...  read more   & more   & more ...