horn torus art - an example (2:00 min)
The artmetic graphic synthesizer creates - besides scientific illustrations - a wide variety of
artistic graphics and animations, using only one and always the same algorithm,
based on horn torus coordinates.

horn torus based graphic synthesizer artmetic (20:00 min)
The artmetic graphic synthesizer primarily was programmed for the generation of descriptive horn torus images
and of figurative animations to illustrate the complex geometry of dynamic horn tori, but it soon turned out to be
also well applicable for the creation of 'monoalgorithmic' digital art and multifarious geometric animations.
This video shows a selection of 24 nascent images.

samples of artmetic generated animations (3:25 min)
originals in much better quality as GIF animations on
et seqq. (follow links on respective pages)
horn torus model - The Big Hiss (16:00 min, optionally 8:00 min)
introduction into the graphical horn torus model of space, time and fundamental physical processes,
a compilation of short texts and explanatory animations as incentive to visit the related website

horn torus aspects (3:00 min, with music)
compilation of horn torus animations, adapted from website Horn Torus - 'Geometry of Everything'.
The figurative horn torus model allows to attain new associations and insights concerning space, time and physical objects
by a strict epistemological reduction of physical terms and phenomena to pure mathematically defined entities, horn tori
there being representatives of complex numbers and manifolds. By combination of their poloidal and toroidal dynamics,
horn tori feature maximum symmetry, exceptional topology, highest complexity and enormous creative capabilities.

Möbius figures in motion (5:45 min)
compilation of twisted rotational figures:
Möbius strips, rotating triangles and squares, twisted tori, horn tori and spheres ...
continuous twisting of rotational figures (4:00 min)
artmetic monoalgorithmic graphic synthesizer
twists a ring, a disc, a torus and a horn torus
continuously     ↓ more videos by Wolfgang W. Daeumler (marked ones on YouTube too):

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  additions, less interesting or meanwhile obsolete entries:

Breakthrough Prize Trophy bei Olafur Eliasson (Copyright) (0:50 min)
attempt to approximate the sculpture (© Olafur Eliasson) by one single mathematical function,
depicted as 9 loops with ratio poloidal revolution : toroidal rotation = 9 : 19 on a horn ellipsoid
original photo:

  meanwhile removed from YouTube, but still available here:

American voters' decision ! (1:00 min)
- Schwarzschild radius of a black hole
- Rotschild radius of a red hole
- red line
 (short version of entry below)
short video clip (18 sec)
horn torus - black hole - red line - impeachment (2:00 min)
political satire by use of horn tori, black holes with their Schwarzschild radius
and RED holes with a Rotschild radius  (not to be confused with Rothschild!
German 'Rot' = red, 'Schwarz' = black ;-))